Friday, April 25, 2008

Last night we held our annual Volunteer Recognition dinner, organized by Volunteer Coordinator Stephanie Span.

It was a success once again!

Stephanie Span's speech, "Thank You Volunteers."

Volunteers were honored for 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service. We also gave out our special awards to:
  • Judy Pocock, Curator's Award
  • Mary Woods, Volunteer of the Year
  • Robert Belden, McKinley Award
Here are some photos of the award recipients:

First Year Volunteers

Five Year Volunteers

Ten Year Volunteers

Fifteen Year Volunteers

Twenty Years (Jim Ewing) and Twenty-five Years (De Thomas)

Joyce was honored specially for her 20 years of volunteer service

Me presenting Judy with the Curator's Award

Lisa Lazar presenting Mary with the Volunteer of the Year award

Don Deitemyer presenting Bob Belden with the McKinley Award

Overall shot of the auditorium "all dressed up"!!

The theme of the evening was the Roaring Twenties, since we've had so much fun with it for the past few months! The decorations were purple flowers and favors were chocolate instruments. The auditorium really can be dressed up! (we usually see it as a lunchroom for kids on field trips!)

After a wonderful dinner, Chris entertained everyone with his "Music of the 1920s" program. My camera battery died a few seconds into his second song, so I was only able to capture the first one on video. Here's one picture of him, followed by a video of him playing "The Charleston."

THANK YOU to all of our volunteers. We truly couldn't open the doors without you!

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Anonymous said...

Great job on covering the volunteer dinner. I got a call from Dallas! Greg gets a message as soon as you post. Glad your hanging system arrived. J