Friday, July 31, 2009

Movie Camp -- DAY FIVE

And it's a wrap!

Movie Camp ended today, and what a great week!

Chris and I and the Nightwine Crew had as much fun as the kids did. The movie making went so well, we had time to re-read the script and do any voice overs so if the audio doesn't come out right, we don't have someone else's voice dubbed in.

We've NEVER had enough time to do that before!

So here are some highlights of the last day:

Darth McKinley suiting up

Probably not very safe to look down the barrel of your blaster :-)

Jim Gerren, our fearless leader!

Discover World fight scene

More DW fight scene prep

DW fight scene

DW fight scene

Each character in the movie gets to die at least once!

Darth Hideous....and also our fantastic scriptwriter Joey!

Filming the DW fight scene

More DW fight scene filming

Chris's big death scene

Megan doing some green screen work -- with yet another dropped gun! The kids dropped their guns so many times, we started counting today. And we quickly lost track.

Dancing in the schoolhouse during lunch

Great week.

Stay tuned for more information about the WORLD PREMIERE of the movie in October!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Movie Camp -- DAY FOUR

We got A LOT done today!!

Here are some highlights:

Bob came and did some warm ups with the kids this morning (see video below for them acting like "popcorn")

Warming up

In the Monument basement watching the video of Chris going up into the dome

Peeking under the steps

Jim filming in the basement

Goofing off while waiting for the "group picture"

More goofing off

Hamming it up


AND, some video.........

Acting like "popcorn"

Goofing off waiting for the "group photo"

Brad mastering the light saber

Nate and Brad swordfighting

I am REALLY REALLY sorry we didn't get any photos or video clips of the me and Chris fighting with our light sabers. Totally cool! There was fog and creepy lighting on the stage. We both had a lot of fun doing it!!

I can't wait to see it on the big screen in October.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Movie Camp -- DAY THREE

Here are some highlights of today's activities:

The "green screen" for special effects

Jim directing

Stormtroopers preparing for their scene

Getting ready to film

Kids getting a chance to direct

Darth McKinley between shots!

At the camera

AND.....some behind-the-scenes video clips!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Movie Camp -- DAY TWO

Another great day of Movie Camp!

Here are some highlights:

Director Jim Gerren giving instructions for the day

Everyone getting ready for a fun day of filming

Joey, the scriptwriter! (Although he wants to be called "Joe" now!)


Chris as "Darth McKinley"

A Lego Darth Vader -- doesn't he look a little like Chris??

Me as "Number One Bologna"

Me and the kids

One of the teams discovers the Stormtroopers weapons crate

AND FINALLY.........

A video clip!

Here the Stormtroopers come running in and start shooting:

Monday, July 27, 2009

Movie Camp -- DAY ONE

We had a great first day of Movie Camp!

One of kids in the camp actually wrote the script this year! It is a Star Wars type theme.

Today we read the script, filmed a few fight scenes, and started building the Lego miniatures that will be green screened by the special effects guy.

Here are the four Lego teams working on their projects:

Once again, Jim Gerren and his Nightwine Productions crew have outdone themselves with costumes and props. (And eventually with special effects!)

The kids are all very well behaved and extremely interested in making a good movie. We're going to have a blast this week!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Antiques & Collecting Magazine

We got national media attention for the dollhouse exhibit that opens in the Keller Gallery on October 16, 2009!

The current issue of Antiques & Collecting Magazine features a story and two photos about the exhibit Life in Miniature.

One photo is of the large Victorian dollhouse that is currently on display in the upper lobby. The other is the ringmaster and a tiger from the Shoenhut Circus that is currently in the Toy Shop in the Street of Shops.

These are the photos:

We're thrilled to be able to promote this exhibit to a national audience. Very exciting!

Football Hall of Fame Festival

The festivities are going to begin soon!

I wanted to remind all the locals, if you have guests coming to town for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival, bring them to the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum while they're here!

There are only a handful of communities that can call themselves a presidential town. And Canton is one of them. That is something to really be proud of.

If you got to this blog because you're planning a trip to Canton, please consider stopping in! We've got a lot of wonderful things for the entire family to enjoy:
  • Discover World -- an interactive science center for kids of all ages!
  • McKinley Gallery -- the largest collection of McKinley memorabilia in the world
  • Keller Gallery -- featuring the Smithsonian traveling exhibition The Working White House through August 30
  • Hoover-Price Planetarium -- shows every day at 1:00 for the summer (2:00 on Sundays)
  • Street of Shops -- a life-size recreation of a 19th century town
  • McKinley National Memorial -- the final resting place of President McKinley, his wife Ida and their two young daughters
There's something for everyone, so be sure to include us in your travel plans!

Great night last night!

Last night's Soup at Six: "The Working White House" went great! Thank you to all of the volunteers who worked, and Mel, Stephanie, Joyce, Cindy and Chris for their hard work too. We make a great team!

We assumed we would have a warm night when we set the date for JULY, so we planned a cold tomato soup with fresh parsley. And it was cold yesterday! Oh well.

We showed a documentary made by the Smithsonian, most of which was a recording of White House staff on a panel at the Folklife Festival several years ago. The narrator was David McCullough, whom I ADORE!! (He's like a movie star to a historian!!) We also watched an introduction by Jimmy Carter first.

Then I took the group upstairs for a tour of The Working White House. Because there were so many people, I did an introduction outside the gallery and pointed out some things in the exhibit that I wanted to make sure they saw. Then I stuck around for questions and comments.

It was a great night. One of those nights that makes you proud of what you do, and so very honored to be able to bring history to life for our community.

I love my job!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Soup at Six programs!

Tonight's Soup at Six: "The Working White House" has been full for quite awhile.

BUT, we've added two programs for this fall with a "historic home" theme:

The McKinley Home is removed from Mercy Hospital

Soup at Six: "The McKinley Home"
September 17
Join Judy Pocock for a look at the fascinating history of the McKinley Home. Learn who built it, what really went on during the Front Porch Campaign, how it became the first home of Mercy Hospital, and why it was eventually torn down.

The Harter Mansion

Soup at Six: "The Harter Mansion"
November 19
Join Dick Haldi for a look at the history of this famous home that was the private residence of the Aultman and Harter families.

Each program is $10 per person, pre-paid reservations required, and includes a signature soup, bread, dessert and a program.

Call us to make a reservation at 330-455-7043.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Victorian House is almost done!

From the front

From the side -- there will be more things displayed against that wall on the platform across from the house

Around the back, where there will be mannequins, furniture, and other period items displayed

We had a conference call with Split Rock this morning to clarify some details. Things are moving forward!

Friday, July 17, 2009

More progress pics!

Things are moving right along!!

Last night the floor was stripped and rewaxed in the former Historical Hall (now known as Gallery B). Compare the photo below to this one when you could still see the outline of the room settings!

And here is what the Victorian House looks like RIGHT NOW:

I know I've said it a hundred times, but we really are so excited about seeing this project come to life!

We have had a bit of a break from proofing panels because the graphic designer at Split Rock has been on vacation. I'm sure we'll have plenty to do next week!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Victorian House progress

It's coming along quite nicely! John Zwick and his team work FAST. And their work is quality.

Inside the house will be some furniture and three well dressed ladies from the 1890s.

It's all really starting to come together! Very exciting!

3 x 3 Science Samplers

Lynnette is doing a great job with the summer science camps!!

Yesterday the kids learned about solar energy and baked brownies using a solar oven!

Today they are learning about wind energy and tomorrow will be water energy.

There are three more camps next week. We've had a great turn out for them!