Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Exhibits almost finished

UPDATE: This is my 100th post on this blog!! How cool is that?

I am down to a VERY short list of things to do!

Today I mounted all the labels and panels, laminated them, and hung them. Steve and Gary finished up the lighting, so there are only a few things left to do.

There are 2 labels missing, so I have to type those out and try to replicate the font of the others.

Here is one of the panels from the West Lawn section that I did:

Friday, April 25, 2008

Last night we held our annual Volunteer Recognition dinner, organized by Volunteer Coordinator Stephanie Span.

It was a success once again!

Stephanie Span's speech, "Thank You Volunteers."

Volunteers were honored for 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service. We also gave out our special awards to:
  • Judy Pocock, Curator's Award
  • Mary Woods, Volunteer of the Year
  • Robert Belden, McKinley Award
Here are some photos of the award recipients:

First Year Volunteers

Five Year Volunteers

Ten Year Volunteers

Fifteen Year Volunteers

Twenty Years (Jim Ewing) and Twenty-five Years (De Thomas)

Joyce was honored specially for her 20 years of volunteer service

Me presenting Judy with the Curator's Award

Lisa Lazar presenting Mary with the Volunteer of the Year award

Don Deitemyer presenting Bob Belden with the McKinley Award

Overall shot of the auditorium "all dressed up"!!

The theme of the evening was the Roaring Twenties, since we've had so much fun with it for the past few months! The decorations were purple flowers and favors were chocolate instruments. The auditorium really can be dressed up! (we usually see it as a lunchroom for kids on field trips!)

After a wonderful dinner, Chris entertained everyone with his "Music of the 1920s" program. My camera battery died a few seconds into his second song, so I was only able to capture the first one on video. Here's one picture of him, followed by a video of him playing "The Charleston."

THANK YOU to all of our volunteers. We truly couldn't open the doors without you!

It's a curatorial miracle!!

Just minutes ago, GUESS WHAT ARRIVED?????????

The new hanging system for the Keller Gallery walls!!!

I ordered it on Monday and they said 5-7 days for the hanging system and 2 weeks for the hooks. As you may recall, I was in a panic because that wasn't enough time before the opening.

I didn't even get an email that they were shipping, so I was expecting the worst.

And while I was printing my panels, Lisa called back and said I had a "really long package and a little one."


West Lawn Cemetery

I have completed the special section on West Lawn with seven panels:

  • West Lawn Cemetery (this in an introduction panel)
  • The Early Years
  • Industrial Magnates
  • Business Leaders
  • Civic & Social Figures
  • The McKinley Family
  • West Lawn Today
They are printing now. I will mount and laminate them next week.

This afternoon I am going to put up Stories in Stone, which is velcro mounted panels on fabric walls.

Last night was Volunteer Recognition and we have some videos and photos to post. Didn't get a chance to do that yet, since I have been doing cemetery panels all morning!

Here's a sneak peek:

Charles, Martin, and Jay Weaver ride in a surrey at West Lawn, c1900.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Everything's put away!

Thanks to my wonderful intern Erin, everything from the 1920s exhibit is now PUT AWAY! She and I split the work, although I think she got a little more than half...

Anyway, right at this moment, the Keller Gallery is empty. The traveling exhibits are sitting in the corner.

I am adding a small section on West Lawn, which is also what I have been working on. I have 3 panels done. I am unsure how many I should make because...

I was tired of Steve always telling me that my exhibits look the same, so I told him he could design this one (God help us all! -- Just kidding, Steve!) I am waiting to see what he comes up with before I proceed with the West Lawn stuff.

In all seriousness, he showed me what he is planning to do on paper, and it looks fine. He has been taking advantage of the nice weather and working outside. It is supposed to rain, so he will be back inside then.

It will all be done by the opening on May 2!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New email newsletter

We have our new email newsletter up and running! The first edition was sent out yesterday through Constant Contact.


We have a new volunteer working on compiling our email database. We expect to send out the e-newsletter about once a month.

Updated calendar

Just wanted to point out that I updated the calendar on the sidebar to reflect our upcoming activities this summer and into the fall.

Busy schedule, as usual!

Registration is required for all of the Cemetery Walks (free), Teas with the Curator ($10), and Soup at Six programs ($10). If you are interested in any of them, you can get more information from the calendar on our website, or you can call the museum at 330-455-7043 to make reservations.

As always, we are excited about what we've got planned for you!

Soup at Six -- Scopes Monkey Trial

My apologies to Hallie for not getting this up sooner! I completely forgot to upload photos and videos from her Soup at Six program last week.

It was another great event! Hallie presented the story of John Scopes and his trial for teaching evolution in public schools in the 1920s. She began with a short biography of Charles Darwin, followed by a discussion of the issues leading up to the trial. She concluded with a look at the current debate.

As always, the soup was delicious! Thanks again to Randy Smith for all of his efforts with this series of programming.

Below are some highlights of the night:

We are going to start the Soup at Six programs back up in the fall with some cemetery-related topics. There will be two Teas with the Curator this summer, and also some cemetery walks to look forward to!

Thanks to everyone who supported our series of 1920s programs! It wouldn't be fulfilling for us if we didn't have an audience to present our programs for! This community continues to amaze me with its interest in history. Chris and I truly picked a wonderful place to move to seven years ago!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Restaurant at Timken High School

Just a quick note before I get back to putting 1920s dresses away (which of course I am procrastinating about!!).

Today I met volunteers Barb Hoskins and Judy Gouge for lunch at the culinary arts program at Timken High School.

It was fantastic!

The service was top notch, and the food was great. I had a chicken panini with pesto, which came with sweet potato chips and the yummiest brown sugar-cinnamon honey butter!

I was very impressed. The young man who waited on us even pulled out my chair for me!

Apparently they are open Tuesdays and Thursdays for lunch. If you are in the area, I suggest you check them out. It is a wonderful way to support a great program, plus you get a great lunch for a reasonable cost!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Goodbye 1920s exhibit....

Well, the 1920s exhibit is now taken down...

We got some serious mileage out of it, though! Four Teas with the Curator, four Soup at Sixes, one day long celebration, and yesterday "An Afternoon with Gershwin." PLUS the opening (which was tied into the Holiday Open House). I'd say we did everything we could think of to celebrate the Roaring Twenties!!

It is always sad to take an exhibit down, but it was even more so this time since we had put so much extra effort into the programming.

There are only two cases left to take apart. All of the artifacts have been loaded on carts to be transported back into storage. The mannequins were undressed first thing this morning. Then I took apart the cases. I moved all of the various boxes back into storage. We tore down all the panels. There were LOTS of panels!! Steve put all the mannequins away, and removed all the platforms.

Now comes the part I hate the most. Putting things away! Thankfully I have an intern who can help with this. It can be a bit overwhelming to do it by yourself!

We also unpacked the cemetery exhibits Stories in Stone and Going Out in Style. Somewhere along the line I got confused and thought that both exhibits came with their own walls. That is only true for Stories in Stone. Going Out in Style is a series of beautifully framed photographs, which have to be hung on our walls.

Which is fine, except the new walls don't have the hanging system on them yet! So I made a frantic call to Dick Blick this morning to order rods and hooks. The rods ship in 5-7 days, BUT the hooks could take up to two weeks.


So we are holding our breath.

Steve said if they don't ship by Monday, he will begin working on Plan B. I don't know what Plan B is, but I have faith that he does and it will work out fine. It has to, since the opening is FRIDAY MAY 2.

And to think I just thought it would be as easy as unpacking crates and hanging things up.

Yeah, right!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Catching up

Before I left, we had set dates for cemetery exhibit related programming. And this week, there were 2 events -- a Tea with the Curator and a Soup at Six. I had to replace 2 posters in the lobby, plus create all the new flyers for upcoming programs and events.

SO there were lots of posters and flyers to make! This morning I worked on:
  • Cemetery Walks
  • Nooks & Crannies Tours of the Monument
  • Tea with the Curator: "Unlocking the Secrets of the Cemetery"
  • Tea with the Curator: "Funerals of the Rich & Famous"
  • Children's Tea: "White House Pets"
  • Cemetery programs (all programs included on one sheet)
I'm feel a little sad today because Footloose & Fancy Free is closing on Sunday.

I loved that exhibit and we got such a wonderful response to it! It seems like I was just putting it up.

The cemetery exhibits arrived in 8 crates while I was gone, but I haven't had a chance to open them yet. Since we don't have any space to spread things out until the Keller Gallery is empty, I figured I shouldn't bother.

The one good thing is that I don't have to paint! The exhibits come with their own freestanding walls. We will have to line up our walls against the back wall, with a secret little space in between, because I don't need any cases at all. So we have to create a place to stash them all.

Here is the flyer for all the cemetery programs between May and October. I won't post the rest of them. Details, as always, are on our website!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

In memoriam

I just wanted to acknowledge that Chris's grandfather, George Cupernall, passed away last Friday. I found out the morning I was leaving California to come home. We left for New York on Sunday and just got back last night. So it has been a busy -- and strange -- week for me.

"Papa," as we called him, was a wonderful man. An absolute gentleman. (a phrase that was repeated throughout his funeral) He and Chris were very close, and he will be greatly missed.

Papa was able to come out to visit us three times since we moved here in October 2001. He had the opportunity to come to 2 car shows, and saw Chris cook over the open hearth on the Day After Thanksgiving one year. He saw 3 of my exhibits in the Keller Gallery. He enjoyed the museum and was extremely proud of all Chris and I have accomplished here.

He flew B-17s in World War II, and Chris received his flight log while we were in NY. Papa flew on D-Day. The entry reads something like this: "Combat. Mission #21. Invasion of France." Simple entry, to be sure, but the date told all. We also learned that he was checked out on 20 different aircraft! When Chris got his private pilot's license, Papa gave him his wings from his service in WWII. Chris always wears them on his suit jacket when he dresses up. Look for them next time you see him at an event.

It was tough to lose him, but he was very sick, and he lived a full life. We have spent the past few days celebrating his life, and honoring the wonderful man that he was.

It will be difficult in the days ahead, but it will get easier with time...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pics of Palm Springs

Palm Springs travelog

Wow! What a trip!

(Warning -- this is a long post!!!)

I will begin at the beginning.

I got up at 3:30 in the morning to get to the airport in time. My stomach was upset because I was up so early and I was petrified. Chris made me some hazelnut coffee in my to go cup, which I spilled all over myself getting into the car. So I had to go back inside and change. I was afraid that was a bad omen for the trip!

Airport security is intimidating. I got through it OK, but there is this mad rush and you feel all this pressure to go faster because everyone behind you has planes to catch and people to call and they will be really annoyed if you don't get your belt off quicker (I wasn't wearing a belt with my FIRST pair of jeans -- before the great hazelnut coffee incident -- but the jeans I changed into needed a belt...).

So I was all flustered. But I managed to keep track of my boarding pass while taking off my belt, fishing my quart sized bag of mini bottles out of my suitcase, and stuffing my sandals and jacket into the bin.

I am no longer afraid to fly. Woo hoo!!! When I was in college I had an internship in San Francisco and flew across the country by myself. I remember being nervous for the first flight, but after that I was OK. Then I took this horribly small plane from Westchester to Pittsburgh before we moved here and I thought for sure I was going to die. That was the last time I flew.

I was a little concerned when I got my boarding passes in Cleveland because my second boarding pass said "Check at Gate" for my seating assignment and "Gate" was blank. Hmmmm.

The last time I flew to CA it was 1997, and I got breakfast twice. This time I got a complimentary drink and the opportunity to buy an overpriced snack box. I asked for water and ate my cereal bars.

So I landed in Minneapolis and checked the board for my gate. It was half way around the world from where I was. I was glad I had an hour. I called Chris and talked to him for the entire walk from gate to gate, which was over 10 minutes! (even using the cool people mover sidewalks!)

When I finally got to my gate, I was informed that the seating arrangement "was not done yet." Freaky. What the heck does that mean? I had visions of brides-to-be staying up past midnight the night before the wedding handwriting out placecards. The flight was leaving within the hour and the seating chart wasn't done? Insane.

So I sat down. I waited. I watched other people get information from the counter. Even though she said "we'll call you" no one did. I went back up. I was told again that the seating wasn't done and that they would "call me."

The plane began boarding and I STILL HAD NO SEAT. By this time I am in a full panic. I got in line anyway. When it was my turn I said I still didn't have a seat. She told me to see the other lady. I did. She said, "Why aren't you on my list?" And then I was in overdrive full panic.

But then magically a new boarding pass printed with my name on it AND A SEAT NUMBER. I cut right in line and probably ticked everyone else off. I didn't care. Post-panic adrenaline is powerful.

I was seated in 16B. I found my seat, hoisted up my suitcase, and sat down. Two minutes later, I hear my name on the speaker. "Kimberly Kenney, we have a seat for you in 9F." Well, obviously, 9F was FORWARD of 16B, and there was a steady stream of people boarding the plane! I felt like a salmon trying to spawn.

So I waited until there was enough of a break to get my suitcase down and run up the aisle. It turned out, the ONLY empty seat on the plane was 9E -- so me and the guy next to me had some space between us.

I started reading my book on the second flight -- The Time Traveler's Wife. Excellent book! It kept me totally absorbed for the 3 1/2 hour flight. I still have a bit to go, so I don't know how it ends, but I highly recommend it if you're looking for a unique, well-written story.

There was some turbulence as we landed in Palm Springs, because of the mountains. It was amazing to fly over the area and see mostly dirt, with huge tracts of grass that were golf courses. Everyone had teeny pools in the backyards, which I'm sure were quite large from the ground.

The Palm Springs airport is like nothing I've ever seen. When you go out through your gate, you are still inside, but as you make your way toward the exit doors, you end up outside! We don't build things outside in Ohio. But between the security checkpoint and the gates, it is all open. This New York girl had never seen anything like it!

Scott Drolet from the Cemetery and Mortuary Association of California was waiting for me. He drives a Prius, so that was pretty neat to ride in! Very quiet. Chris told me they are trying to make the Prius a little louder because the blind and their seeing eye dogs can't hear them coming, which has led to some problems...

After I checked in, Scott told me to come to the reception that night. I had the afternoon to rest, get something to eat, and explore a little. It was very windy, so my trip around the perimeter of the resort wasn't all that fun.

I got dressed and went down to the reception. I didn't stay long, maybe an hour. Everyone was really nice, but I was just exhausted. I was pretty stressed out worrying about the huge snowstorm that was supposed to hit Minneapolis about the same time as my return flight. I was so upset because I had finally kicked the fear of flying, only to replace it with the fear of spending the night alone in the airport!

Anyone who knows me is keenly aware that I am NOT a morning person. So this time change worked very well in my favor! I woke up at 5:00, and was well rested! Perfect!

I went down to the conference and had breakfast. I met some nice people at my table. At first, no one could understand what the Curator of the Wm. McKinley Presidential Library & Museum was doing at a cemetery conference! It made sense after I explained my involvement at West Lawn, and that while I was over there documenting some vandalism in 2002, I realized that many of the people I was researching for Canton: A Journey Through Time were buried right where I was standing. And I explained how I started doing cemetery walks over there, and that led to my second book Canton's West Lawn Cemetery. And now I drag my husband to any cemetery we can find when we're on vacation!

The program went very well. I was on first, after their annual meeting. I stayed to hear the second presentation about Rose Hills Cemetery. Very interesting talk. Rose Hills does on average 30 burials A DAY, and employs 550 people. The program was about all the logistics involved in such a busy operation. It was truly fascinating.

So after that I was free to relax by the pool for the afternoon!

I spent most of my time under the umbrella, since my skin hasn't seen the rays of the sun in 6 months! There were some California bathing beauties there who obviously don't care about skin cancer. They were probably wondering how this pasty white girl ever expected to get tanned in the shade of an umbrella! I was also the only woman under 60 who was NOT wearing a bikini.

The best thing about the pool was the poolside restaurant! I had a raspberry smoothie when I first got down there. A few hours later, I ordered grilled vegetable quesadillas, which were delivered to me at my chair! Best I ever tasted. Lots of guacamole.

In the late afternoon, the sun was less intense, so I moved out from under my umbrella for about an hour or so. Before I left, I walked around the outside of the pool taking close up photos of the flowers (which is one of my hobbies). Then I headed back to my room, where I spent the rest of the evening on my balcony, enjoying the warm weather!

The next morning, I was up by 6:00 or so (long live the timezone change!). I went down to the restaurant and had cinnamon swirl French toast.

The lobby had this amazing water for hotel guests. It was in a beautiful glass container with lemons, limes, and cucumbers in it. I became addicted to this water. I don't know if Chris will like it, but I plan on buying lots of limes and cucumbers this summer to spruce up my water!

I had planned to just take the complimentary airport shuttle, but I met Scott coming off the elevator on my way down to check out, and he wanted to take me to the airport. So I got to ride in the Prius again!

When I checked in, I was VERY upset that once again I had NO SEAT ASSIGNMENT on my ticket. The woman at the ticket counter said that was because the flight was overbooked, and that it was only 2 people, so she was sure they could get two to volunteer to give up their seats so I could have one.

Super overdrive panic, revisited.

Chris told me before I left the hotel that the Winter Storm Warning for Minneapolis had been cancelled, and that my flights would likely all be on time. So I had stopped worrying about the weather, only to find out that I didn't have a seat on the plane again!

I went up to the gate ticket counter about 20 minutes later. The same woman was there. She called someone, who told her that she couldn't "release any seats" until boarding time. Well, that certainly upset me. She told me not to worry. That is like telling the clouds not to rain, the sun not to shine, the...well, you get the idea.

So I waited for 40 minutes, in sheer panic. I'm sure the people around me wondered what the heck was wrong with me. They probably assumed I was afraid to fly, which was actually NOT true anymore!

Again, they started boarding the plane, and again I had no seat. A family was at the ticket counter and it seemed like an hour before they were done and I could be helped. I traded in my boarding passes for new ones, for both my flights, WITH SEATS. Yay! But again, no gate listed in Minneapolis. I don't get it. They know where all their planes are. Why can't they write it out on Kim Kenney's boarding pass?

I was seated at the front of the plane, which was nice. I had a center seat, which was not so nice.

As we were taking off, I started to hear what sounded like meowing. There were a few babies on board, so I thought maybe it was them crying. Then I thought, "No, it really sounds like meowing."

Turns out, there were cats under my seat that belonged to the people behind me!

They were actually on my second flight too. The cats apparently live in Cleveland.

Uneventful flight. Very full. No empty seats. I was most surprised by the fact that after all the hype on the Weather Channel, there was NO SNOW ON THE GROUND in Minneapolis. I had actually heard one of the weather people say it would be "virtually impossible to travel in and out of Minneapolis on Friday." Guess that was a mistake.

In Minneapolis, I ate at the airport Dairy Queen. It was actually quite good.

We had to go through deicing before take off, and we ended up in a holding pattern over Lake Erie because of winds in Cleveland. So I was a little late landing, but not by much. The city was absolutely beautiful at night. I could see a thunderstorm in the distance. I sat back and was thankful that I am no longer afraid to fly.

So that was my trip! I will post some photos in the next entry.

When I was leaving, I told Scott I might see him again sometime. He said someone at the conference was a member of another CA cemetery group and he really liked my program, so they might invite me back for that in the future!

Now that I can fly again, I can go ANYWHERE!!!!!!!

Home safe and sound

I'm back!

I had a WONDERFUL time!

But it is very late and I am exhausted and I will write more tomorrow. I took plenty of pictures. Plenty. I promise not to post them ALL...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Off to California...

I'm all packed and ready to go!

I'm pretty nervous about flying. It has been 7 years since I was on a plane, and that last trip wasn't exactly positive. Small plane. Lots of noises. Bumpy ride. Tears.

I am flying only on BIG PLANES for this trip, so I hope to erase those bad memories of flying and replace them with new ones! (Then maybe Chris and I can increase the scope of our future vacation plans beyond the distance we can drive in the car...)

I'm excited about the trip and am really looking forward to it. The weather is going to be just gorgeous.

Should make returning to SNOW this weekend even harder...

I'll post all about the trip when I get back!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The show went great!

Everything went off without a hitch!

I had a wonderful time being the moderator -- much better role that being a model! The models kept asking me if I was nervous. I don't think they quite believed me when I said, "No, not at all!" But I really wasn't. Modeling made me petrified. But talking? That's my forte!

The dresses really were beautiful, and the models and dressers did a spectacular job. I think everyone enjoyed it.

I can't thank the volunteers enough for all their help. From serving the pre-party drinks and snacks, to selling tickets, setting up chairs, and handing out raffle baskets, they did a fantastic job!

There are still a few dresses to be picked up, but most of them left on Saturday. We have about 5 that will be donated.

We'll take care of clean-up Monday morning!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Bridal show set up

We're done!!!

Here are some pictures of the set up! I think it looks GREAT!!!

A view of the stage, with our "tiki bar" on the left.

All of the wonderful baskets Stephanie made and organized!! (Gary's incredible posts that I promised to photograph the other day are at the end of the runway)

The ice cream basket my mom sponsored, which includes A YEAR of ice cream from Taggart's!

Another view of the stage.

Close up of the stage.

The other side of the stage.

The table decorations.

Going home now. Nothing left to do but wait until tomorrow!

Bridal Show dress rehearsal

Last night we had the dress rehearsal for the show. Everything went great!

For some reason, we have LOTS of big, full ball gowns this year. They are just gorgeous! But we don't have a hoop for each dress! So there is more sharing of hoops this year than ever before.

The dresses really come to life, not only when they are worn, but when the full skirts are supported by the hoops, and the models also wear the headpieces. Each dress really shines! They look so much different hanging on a rack.

We are setting up this afternoon for the pre-party and luncheon. Stephanie is bringing the baskets down now. I am trying to decide where to put my tickets! There are so many nice ones, I can't make up my mind.

I'm really looking forward to being the moderator. There is no stress whatsoever, compared to how nervous I used to get as a model!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Program at Hoover High School

Yesterday Chris and I spent the entire day at Hoover High School doing a combination of our two 1920s programs.

We did it NINE TIMES IN A ROW! No breaks.

They wanted all of the sophomore history classes to come see it, and while each teacher individually gets a break, it just so happens there was a history class every period of the day!

Hoover High School got a grant from Arts in Stark to do a whole series of 1920s-inspired programs that they are calling "Swing into Spring." It all started with a math teacher who swing dances and suggested that the school do something based on swing. And it just grew from there.

Chris and I were the kick-off for the program. I trimmed back my "Little Chicago" program and Chris selected a few piano pieces from his "Music of the Roaring Twenties" program. We blended the two programs together to paint a picture of the decade for the kids.

I talked for awhile, and then Chris played a song. It was a really nice blend of both programs. We're thinking of taking the idea and using it on other programs!

I don't normally read programs (I prefer to use notes with a few key words on it, so I can talk instead of read), but I decided to write it out for two reasons. First, we needed to time it so it fit into a high school class period (I have been known to go off on tangents from time to time, when I have a microphone and a stage...). Second, I knew that after I did it so many times, I wouldn't know what I had said and what I hadn't!

It went well, but boy, we were dog tired at the end! Not only did we have to be there at 7:00 in the morning (which everyone knows is against my principles as a NON-Morning Person!), but we only had 4 minute breaks between classes.

They provided us with snacks and water to get us through the day.

One thing that happened really touched both of us. At the end of the program, Chris played "Side By Side." It was composed by Harry Woods, who was born without fingers on his left hand. Chris told the kids that he would thump out the rhythm with his left hand, mostly on the black keys.

After one class let out, a young man came up and asked Chris for the name of the composer again. He had his books in his left arm, and then he lifted them up, showed us his hand, and said, "Because I was born without fingers on my left hand too."

Chris told him that there are a lot of songs that have been composed for piano using just the right hand.

I don't know if he'll run out and take piano lessons or not, but it was nice to be able to show this kid that someone with the same disability he has achieved great things.

Overall it was a great experience. I think if we are ever asked to do something like this again, we might have to break it into two days.

It's great to see high schools stepping outside the box to get kids interested in history. Sometimes it takes something like "Swing into Spring" to get that spark started!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bridal show fever

We are all consumed with Bridal Show prep this week!

The script is all written, hole punched, and in a binder.

The dresses and veils are all steamed and ready to go.

The program is ALMOST done -- still need to tweak it a bit. A few last minute donations are trickling in so I don't think I will run them until Thursday.


Ohio Laser & Wellness Centers has come on board. THANK YOU!!! (Good thing I didn't run the program this morning like I had planned to!)

Gary made incredible posts that look like the piers on a dock! I will post pictures when they the scene is complete. You won't believe that they're just mailing tubes!!!

I am finishing up a poster for the restaurant raffle. I like to put all the logos of the restaurants on the sign so people can see what they might win.

Dress rehearsal is Thursday at 6:00.

We set up on Friday.

And Saturday is SHOW TIME!!