Monday, March 7, 2011

What people are saying about the '60s exhibit!

I just went up to the Keller Gallery to check out the guest book for the "Celebrate the Sixties" exhibit. We're getting some GREAT comments!

Here's what people are saying:

"It was great to go back in time -- you have done a great job with the displays."

"This is a slam dunk!"

"What a professional work of art to display the Sixties!"

"I learned that my mom gets very nostalgic."

"Unbelievable that fashions of the 60s are now back in fashion."

"Groovy! I remember most of these items and music!"

"Thank you for the memories."

"I really loved the 60s exhibit. It brought back a lot of good memories."

"Very nice. You have captured the decade."

"My 3 year old enjoyed the record player and the real car!"

"We loved it! The commercials, the outfits, the toys, everything!"

If you haven't made it in to see the exhibit, it will be on view through Sunday June 5. We hope to see you soon!