Monday, April 21, 2008

Goodbye 1920s exhibit....

Well, the 1920s exhibit is now taken down...

We got some serious mileage out of it, though! Four Teas with the Curator, four Soup at Sixes, one day long celebration, and yesterday "An Afternoon with Gershwin." PLUS the opening (which was tied into the Holiday Open House). I'd say we did everything we could think of to celebrate the Roaring Twenties!!

It is always sad to take an exhibit down, but it was even more so this time since we had put so much extra effort into the programming.

There are only two cases left to take apart. All of the artifacts have been loaded on carts to be transported back into storage. The mannequins were undressed first thing this morning. Then I took apart the cases. I moved all of the various boxes back into storage. We tore down all the panels. There were LOTS of panels!! Steve put all the mannequins away, and removed all the platforms.

Now comes the part I hate the most. Putting things away! Thankfully I have an intern who can help with this. It can be a bit overwhelming to do it by yourself!

We also unpacked the cemetery exhibits Stories in Stone and Going Out in Style. Somewhere along the line I got confused and thought that both exhibits came with their own walls. That is only true for Stories in Stone. Going Out in Style is a series of beautifully framed photographs, which have to be hung on our walls.

Which is fine, except the new walls don't have the hanging system on them yet! So I made a frantic call to Dick Blick this morning to order rods and hooks. The rods ship in 5-7 days, BUT the hooks could take up to two weeks.


So we are holding our breath.

Steve said if they don't ship by Monday, he will begin working on Plan B. I don't know what Plan B is, but I have faith that he does and it will work out fine. It has to, since the opening is FRIDAY MAY 2.

And to think I just thought it would be as easy as unpacking crates and hanging things up.

Yeah, right!!

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