Monday, May 24, 2010

Panels complete!

I spent the ENTIRE DAY printing the panels for The Victorian Age.

Well, actually the 11 panels printed relatively quickly. The first one and the third one had some odd stripes on them so I had to reprint. No big deal.

Then I moved on to making the large scale photos from this era. Should have been pretty simple, yes?


For some reason -- probably because my file was WAY to big -- I could NOT print two drawings of Public Square in Canton in 1887. My plotter would print the caption, but not the image. I tried a bunch of different things, each one making me more frustrated when it didn't work.

I finally checked the file size and realized it was just too huge to work on my machine!

I had smaller versions I had made to post on the Museum's Facebook page, so I used those.

And it WORKED!

So I now have 11 panels and 10 large photos all printed and ready to be mounted on foam core!

Talk about a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG Monday! Whew!

About magazine

Did you see photos from our Bridal Show in the latest issue of About magazine?

Look for our full page ad in the next issue too!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've pulled some more interesting artifacts, including an inkwell featuring a brass deer (complete with antlers!), a sliver caster set (sometimes called a cruet set) and some realy neat games.

I'm planning to spend the next two days in collections storage slogging through my lists. There is still much to do, but I'm making good progress!!

I made four newsboy ads this week that will appear in Ticket beginning next Friday. I also finished a full page ad for About magazine.

And I designed a new dash plaque for this year's car show:

It's been a busy week!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Making ads and exhibit panels

On this rainy Monday, I'm going to be chained to my computer for a little while doing graphic design projects!

First, I have to design a few newspaper ads. We were given an in-kind donation and we have quite a bit of money left that has to be spent before the end of the year. Which means we have to start cranking out some ads!

Second, I have one more panel to finish for The Victorian Age exhibition opening next month in the Keller Gallery. It is on Architecture. It has taken me three weeks (including the week I was out of town at a conference, so it isn't as bad as it seems!) to remember to bring my archicture textbooks from grad school into work so I can finish researching styles of the era.

I've already dressed six mannequins in AMAZING gowns.

This is one of more than a dozen Victorian gowns that will be featured in the new exhibit!

If time allows, I am going to continue pulling Victorian-era artifacts today. I hope to complete artifact selection by the end of this week. I have already pulled some really cool things!!

  • a corset in its ORIGINAL BOX!

  • a fan made of peacock feathers

  • a wire bustle

  • a gorgeous black and white silk and gauze parasol!

I started with my "accessories" list first. Other artifact categories include children's fashion, toys & games, household items, furniture, mourning artifacts, glass & china, and Ida McKinley artifacts.

I'm excited about putting this exhibition together!

Friday, May 14, 2010

We WON!!

The winners were announced moments ago and the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum was named BEST MUSEUM in the 2010 Best in Stark County Awards!

THANK YOU to everyone who voted for us. We truly appreciate the opportunity to serve this community.

Nominate Us!!

Please consider nominating us for the 2010 Nickelodeon Parents' Picks Awards for Best Museum in the Cleveland area!

Click here to nominate us!

We won last year thanks to all of you. Let's see if we can do it again!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Top ten artifacts / historic sites / pieces of art?

I am working on some articles for my Museums site at BellaOnline and I'd like to pick your brain!

What would you say are the top ten artifacts you MUST see before you die (ie: the car JFK was assassinated in, the Wright Flyer, etc)?

What about the top ten historic sites? (ie: Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, etc)

I'm not well-versed in art, but what do you think the top ten pieces of artwork are?

You don't have to give me ten. Just post your ideas!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Cultural Entrepreneurship Institute

Have you been wondering where I've been?? Hopefully some of you missed me. :-)

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to attend the first ever Cultural Entrepreneurship Institute for Museum Leaders sponsored by my alma mater, the Cooperstown Graduate Program in Cooperstown, NY.

What a transformative experience!!

The Institute brought together 20 mid-career professionals to learn about entrepreneurial thinking. For most of us, it was the very first time we had ever been exposed to these types of ideas that have been in place for decades in the for-profit world.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I learned during my time there. I met some wonderful people with whom I feel a very real connection, and I was reinvigorated personally AND professionally.

It was the break I really needed -- my shift in perspective gave me some amazing insights during my time there. I am excited for the future!!

I also got some great ideas for articles at my Museums site at -- you'll be seeing those appear on Thursday mornings over the next several weeks.

It truly is a privilege to do what I do. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be reminded of that.