Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!

I returned to work today after a 10 day vacation for the holidays. Thankfully, not too much happened while I was gone, so it won't take me another 10 days to catch up!

I admit I was sad to see 2007 go, because it was a very special year for us. We had planned our 100th anniversary activities for so many years! I just can't believe that the entire year is over!

However, we do have lots of great activities planned for 2008, including a reprise (on a smaller scale!) of our 100 Hours Celebration coming in June. The $4 million Capital Campaign is well underway, and we are excited to be moving forward on a number of great projects that will make the museum even better than it already is!

We had such a successful year last year, but I do think we will build on that momentum and have an equally great 2008 -- even if we don't have a significant anniversary to celebrate!

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