Thursday, December 6, 2007

Volunteer Luncheon

Al Meyer and his wacky, festive Christmas hat!

The volunteers and staff always enjoy this fun event! Everyone brings their most favorite pot luck dish to share, and we all feast on great food. Stephanie did a great job again this year decorating the tables and organizing the event.

Each table had a tiny decorated Christmas tree

This year was no exception. Lots of yummy casseroles and desserts, as you can see!

We played holiday BINGO, and I got to call for the first time. Turns out, I read too fast! We played "full card" BINGO, so it took a long time to get a winner.

Me reading the words for holiday BINGO

After that, Chris played a few Christmas carols. He stumped them on a few trivia questions, so I didn't get to hand out all my candy canes!

For the grand finale, which our volunteers always enjoy, we played Twas the Night Before Christmas. What a hoot! Every time you say the word "the" you have to pass the gift. Whoever has it at the end of the story gets to keep it. But no one ever realizes that the story ends with "THE END" and they have to pass it one more time! This year the prizes were beautiful silver candle holders.

Here is a video of the game -- always good for a laugh every year!!

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Cindy said...

Great party coverage! I love the video!