Friday, December 7, 2007

Spending the day cooking...

Tonight is our Open Hearth Dinner and we are busy cooking for 48 people!

So far, Chris has baked 6 apple pies and 6 loaves of bread. I made the pie filling and snapped enough beans to feed an army! My back is hurting a little from bending over the cast iron pot for so long. I wouldn't have made a good pioneer... :-)

Stephanie and Hallie have been setting the tables, and they are beautiful! It is a lot of fun to be able to serve dinner right in the Street of Shops.

Steve and Stephanie picked up fresh bone-in chicken breasts from Park Farms, and volunteer Bill Gouge will slather them with butter and sage and fry them over the fire in a cast iron skillet. Yummy!

The dinner sells out every year, and with good reason. It is a such a unique holiday experience. We have a live violinist to add a special touch, and the museum is decorated like a Christmas wonderland.

Even though we will be dog tired tonight, it will all be worth it! (And we can all sleep in tomorrow!)

OK, break over. I think I have to go chop onions now...

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