Thursday, December 13, 2007

My "To Do List"

Even though the 1920s exhibit is up, and the next one is a traveling show, there are still lots of things on my list! I think people assume that if I'm not researching an exhibit, I just might be sitting at my desk with my feet up eating bonbons. Trust me! There's no time for that!

Here are a few things from my "To Do List," in no particular order:
  • Take intern to the Stark County Courthouse to switch exhibits in the lobby
  • Complete Deeds of Gift for all 2007 donations before the end of the year
  • Finish revising my aviation program
  • Finalize plans for McKinley Day
  • Design programs for McKinley Day
  • Issue Exhibition Schedule to the staff for 2008-2010
  • Create and submit schedule for CTC taping (cable news show)
  • Start working on Bridal Show invitation -- beach theme!
  • Contact everyone who has expressed interest in loaning wedding gowns for show for 2008
  • Place order for archival supplies (we are running low on everything!)
  • Prepare projects for new intern for spring semester
That isn't everything, of course, but it provides a glimpse at the wide range of things that I do as Curator. There are lots of little things that don't even make the list! (I have been known to do something that I didn't write on my list, and then write it down -- just so I can cross it off!)

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