Thursday, August 21, 2008

Exhibit research

Yesterday Joyce and I spent FOUR HOURS on a conference call with Barb Sommer, an exhibition writer for Split Rock Studios. They are completing their final design package for us for the Stark County Story exhibit that will open in September 2009. It will be located where the current Industrial Hall and Historical Hall are now.

Well, we were both exhausted when we hung up! (We did take a break for lunch and returned in the afternoon to finish the call) We went through their design book page by page -- and it is over 100 pages long!

There are lots of details to work out as we start the home stretch of this project. I have a pretty long list of things to do, but I was able to knock off a lot of it today. I also made a list for Karl in the library. I wanted to get a jump start on things because I will be on vacation for awhile and didn't want to hold them up.

I had quite a few images scanned already from past projects -- books, exhibits, and programs. Those created a HUGE file that took over 2 HOURS to send, even as a Zip file!

I found some great images in the library this morning that I am excited about. We have a postcard of men paving Lincoln Highway in Massillon, and another of loggers working in Alliance. (It is very important to us that this project include as much of the county as possible, not just Canton.)

So, while there is some more work to do, I like looking at all the check marks already on my list!

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