Thursday, January 16, 2014

MuseLab at Kent State

Yesterday I attended the first meeting of the Advisory Council for Kent State's new MuseLab, which is part of the Kent State School of Library & Information Science.  It is located on the 3rd floor of the library.

The space is very impressive!  It has only been officially "open" for a few months.  There are two gallery spaces -- the "wall gallery" and the main gallery.  The wall gallery is 30 linear feet and about 2 feet deep.  I didn't ask about the square footage of the main gallery, but I would estimate it was about 700-800 square feet.

The MuseLab also includes some whiz-bang equipment for producing exhibitions.  They have a plotter, a vent hood, a large work table, and all kinds of other resources for creating exhibitions in that space.

Part of the role of the Advisory Council is to help determine how the space is going to be used, as well to promote the space itself.  Groups can use the space for meetings, retreats, workshops, etc. 

Museums can use the space to test out exhibit ideas.  I envision it being used to test exhibit copy or interactive ideas with a focus group.  Most museums don't have the space to set up those kinds of tests.  The MuseLab would be a perfect space for something like that.

Click here to learn more about MuseLab.  As the space continues to develop, I will post more about it.

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