Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Funding for many projects


There was one more donation on Monday that I forgot to mention.  Our Car Show sponsor signed on for another year too!


Yesterday was a great day for donations!

We received funding for several projects on our list, including:
  • New exterior signage for the Monument
  • Ida Dress Project
  • Street of Shops dentist
  • General donation to the library
Along with the library donation, our Director received the following letter from a McKinley relative who visited this past summer:

Since I am his supervisor, our Archivist Mark Holland gave me a copy of the letter.  He's too modest to post it himself!

Now that the exterior signage project is funded, I'm going to start the design process.  When I'm finished, I will post the images here.  We will be replacing two signs at the Plaza level and one sign at the entrance at the end of the double drive.  We are aiming for a spring installation date.

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