Friday, November 8, 2013

Deuber-Hampden bicycle!

I feel like the Holy Grail just walked in the door...

We just received a Dueber Grand bicycle!

This has been on our Wish List for YEARS. And someone just walked in the door and donated one. 

A quick internet search seems to indicate that Dueber-Hampden only produced these bikes for 5 years beginning in 1896. This model was $55 -- which translates to more than $1200 today! 

This is a ladies model, not only because there is no bar between the handlbars and seat to accommodate a skirt, but the back fender also has holes in it where there were strings across the spokes to keep a skirt from getting tangled up in the wheel! 

This is an AMAZING donation and we are so very thankful to G. Scott Wild for his generosity.

Here are some more photos of it:

Badge on the handlebar tree.

Some of the original painted decoration.

Holes in the back fender for the skirt guard strings.
What's left of the string.

The bicycle chain.

The seat.  We believe there was another covering over this that has since disintegrated.

The seat from the side view.

From the rider's perspective!

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cindy said...

Wow!!! How wonderful that it was donated to the Museum so that all of us could enjoy it.