Tuesday, November 12, 2013

And it's beginning to snow...

I am not a winter person.  I was born and raised in Central New York, so I know a thing or two about snow.  Canton winters are a cake walk in comparison!

Although I don't appreciate snow as much as a skiier or a child anxious to build a snowman, I admit I do love the very first snowfall.  I was watching the rain turn to snow last night, falling in the streetlight, thinking about how there's just something magical about that first snow.  And doesn't everyone, deep down, really want a white Christmas?  No blizzards, thank you very much.  But lightly falling snow on Christmas Eve?  That is just about perfect.

In truth, I can tolerate snow right up until New Year's Day.  Then I want it all to melt so I can go dig in my garden.

I love this photo of the Monument with a fresh coat of deep snow, untouched by a plow.  It is a gorgeous photo, even if you aren't much of a winter person.  I try to post it on the Museum's Facebook page on the first snowfall of the year. 

And I believe I used it for the Museum's Christmas card/invitation a few years ago.  This year, I used a photo of a family Christmas tree, taken by A Secret Gift letter writer Frank Dick.  I've planned an exhibit of his amazing photography for the Keller Gallery in 2015.  Stay tuned for more about that.  What a treasure trove of images from Canton's past!  Plus adorable portraits of his children, landscapes, still lifes and more.

Museum members will be receiving their invitations in the mail next week.  Our Holiday Open House is December 6, and is FREE for members.  Guests are $5 a person.  We ask that you bring a non-perishable food item to help those in need in our community, "in the spirit of B. Virdot."

Also, the Museum is already decorated for the holidays!  We know it's a bit early, but with a Christmas-themed exhibit opening in the Keller Gallery on November 15, we thought it would be nice to have everything finished before then.  It looks beautiful -- we hope to see you soon!

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