Friday, March 12, 2010

Crazy week!

What an EXTREMELY busy week I've had!! And yet, there is still a 6th day to this week -- History Day is tomorrow!

Monday seems like a month ago. We had Tea with the Curator: "Hearth & Home" and a tour of the new quilt exhibit A Stitch in Time.

Tuesday I spent the entire day with the Travel Channel.

On Wednesday we went to a marketing seminar hosted by the CVB on partnering and packaging, followed by a meeting at Glenmoor about our special event in September. Then I had to rush to the Malone retirees to give my "Canton: A Journey Through Time -- General History" program. Chris and I stayed late for History Day judges training.

On Thursday we picked up a bequest of a china cabinet filled with glass and china that had to be boxed up for transport.

And today I went to the Akron Woman's City Club to do my program "Canton's Pioneers in Flight." What a lovely group of ladies, and a fabulous lunch!

So, as you can see, I've been swamped.

Next week should be a little quieter, and I hope to be able to finish the Bridal Show script, as well as several other projects on my list that require me to actually sit still for a period of time to complete them!

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