Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bridal Show script

I am working on the Bridal Show script this week!

When people bring in their gowns, we sit and talk for a little while about the stories relating to the wedding, engagement, honeymoon, etc. I take notes. Lots of notes.

Next, I look at each dress to describe its style and special features.

Then I put it all together into a script.

We move through the past 100 years in chronological order, for the most part. There are two reasons that the order isn't exactly linear:
  • We like to put family groups like mother/daughter or grandmother/mother/daughter out on the stage together. All of the dresses in the group come out in the timeline for the oldest dress in that family. The oldest dress comes down the runway first, while the newer dresses stay on the stage. The oldest dress leaves the runway and we do the next dress in the family. After the family group is finished, we go back to that place in our timeline.
  • We can't alter the dresses, so sometimes our models fit into dresses that are too close together in the timeline to make a quick change. So we re-order the dresses a little to make sure we give the models enough time to change.

This year, we have a special set of two 2008 brides. In fact, they were married on the same day in December of that year!

Both have modeled for us in the past. Amanda's grandmother volunteers here. Erin was my intern a few years ago. Amanda's dress is difficult to put on, so she requested that she wear her dress before the other dresses she is modeling, to give her dresser enough time to get her into it.

So we will have "bookend" 2008 brides -- Amanda will be first, and Erin will be last. Both girls have very unique dresses. You won't want to miss them! Amanda's is embroidered in gold, and Erin's has a gorgeous red sash and train.

I am at the "describing the dresses" stage with the script. I am also finalizing the order of things. Next will come the actual writing of the script.

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