Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bridal Show script

I am finally able to sit down and work on the bridal show script!

What a wonderful show we have in store for you! Beautiful gowns, romantic/funny/touching stories, great food. What could be better?

We will be taking reservations through Friday April 2. Please call if you'd like to come! 330-455-7043

I have given the model order to Cindy, who will begin coordinating the changes with her team of dressers. We have to make sure the models assigned to the same dresser have all their dresses hanging together. It is a complicated system, but we are a well-oiled machine. :-)

A week before the show we will steam all of the dresses with distilled water to smooth out any wrinkles that have taken place over time. Each dress will look as pressed as the day the bride originally wore it!

All of the trains will be unfurled, where they will remain until the show.

In addition to writing the script, I still have to design the program (paper is purchased!) and print out a large garden photograph for the backdrop of the stage.

Stephanie and her committee are busy gathering gift certificates and prizes for our raffle (let us know if you or your business would like to contribute!). Cindy has been making favors.

The event will be fabulous!

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