Friday, August 14, 2009


We are READY.

As you can see from these photos, the galleries have been cleared out and all prep work is finished!

The second floor lobby looks so much different with the clock moved! The dollhouse will be part of the Keller Gallery exhibition Life in Miniature and then will be put in storage for awhile.

The view into the former Historical Hall.

Gallery B (formerly known as the Historical Hall)

Gallery A (formerly known as the Industrial Hall).

We are SOOOOOO very anxious for that truck to get here on Monday so we can start to see the final product!!

Special thanks to Steve and his crew for all their hard work to get everything prepped for installation. There were lots and lots of logistical details to deal with, while the rest of the building and other departments still had to be run. We are both feeling like we forgot to do something, because the list was so very long. But I think there's nothing left to do but wait for Monday.

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