Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Installation Day One and Day Two

We're in the thick of things now!

Here are some of the highlights from yesterday and this morning:

The Timken grinder arrived yesterday morning

It took a lot of men to move it because....

...it's kinda heavy!

Steve pulled on one end while everyone else pushed on the other side. Of course, in this shot, he looks like he's dragging 4000 pounds by himself!

Board member Bob Leibensperger helped unpack the crate

The truck arrives!!!!

Split Rock's flight was delayed so the moving company unloaded the truck without them to save time

It didn't look that full to me yesterday, but when we got here this morning and saw what had been unpacked last night we were amazed!!

Gary painting the railing for the Dueber-Hampden clock

Movers unloading the truck

Our first glimpse at a panel!

This is actually on its side

The corner of Gallery A is rounded off

THESE are the infamous newsboys!

I know I keep saying this, but WE ARE SO EXCITED!

Guests are being detoured through Discover World. All galleries are open except the two under construction.

More photos as the process unfolds!!

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