Thursday, August 20, 2009

Installation Day Three and Day Four

Here are the photos I promised yesterday!

We are re-routing visitors through Discover World and up the back staircase -- this is the sign I made that I placed going up the main stairs to the second floor

This is a map of Ohio railroads -- it was mounted on the "skateboard ramp" I posted earlier with no graphics on it

This is what went up on the curved wall in the corner

When you push this button you will hear a recording of the St. Thomas Aquinas choir singing "The Largest Flag in All the World" (composed in Canton) which they recorded in the Monument in May

Putting up the title panel

New title panel

Mural of Diebold employees

This is a WWI panel

Split Rock built a platform to go around the skid for the Timken grinder

Mural near the entrance of Gallery A

One of the two mural hangers -- they do amazing work!!

The other mural hanger and...

...his finished product

Another platform

To the right of the entrance to Gallery A

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