Friday, July 31, 2009

Movie Camp -- DAY FIVE

And it's a wrap!

Movie Camp ended today, and what a great week!

Chris and I and the Nightwine Crew had as much fun as the kids did. The movie making went so well, we had time to re-read the script and do any voice overs so if the audio doesn't come out right, we don't have someone else's voice dubbed in.

We've NEVER had enough time to do that before!

So here are some highlights of the last day:

Darth McKinley suiting up

Probably not very safe to look down the barrel of your blaster :-)

Jim Gerren, our fearless leader!

Discover World fight scene

More DW fight scene prep

DW fight scene

DW fight scene

Each character in the movie gets to die at least once!

Darth Hideous....and also our fantastic scriptwriter Joey!

Filming the DW fight scene

More DW fight scene filming

Chris's big death scene

Megan doing some green screen work -- with yet another dropped gun! The kids dropped their guns so many times, we started counting today. And we quickly lost track.

Dancing in the schoolhouse during lunch

Great week.

Stay tuned for more information about the WORLD PREMIERE of the movie in October!!

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