Thursday, July 9, 2009

More updates

Progress continues!!

This is the beautiful wood floor in the new Victorian house. Can you believe it was recycled from the rooms in the Historical Hall? Our maintenance department removed every nail from the wood, and it was reinstalled and sanded down in its new home!

This is what the Historical Hall looks like now, on the north side. The door to the right is the entrance to the Street of Shops. You can still see the lines of the room settings on the floor because the terrazzo underneath was never waxed. Steve will be stripping the floors and polishing them so they are even.

And here is what the ceiling looks like painted black! Amazing difference. Click here to see what it looked like just after maintenance removed the dropped ceiling panels.

Joyce and I have been proofing panels in batches. We are both so excited -- the panels look fantastic! This exhibit will be a wonderful addition to our Museum.

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