Friday, July 24, 2009

Great night last night!

Last night's Soup at Six: "The Working White House" went great! Thank you to all of the volunteers who worked, and Mel, Stephanie, Joyce, Cindy and Chris for their hard work too. We make a great team!

We assumed we would have a warm night when we set the date for JULY, so we planned a cold tomato soup with fresh parsley. And it was cold yesterday! Oh well.

We showed a documentary made by the Smithsonian, most of which was a recording of White House staff on a panel at the Folklife Festival several years ago. The narrator was David McCullough, whom I ADORE!! (He's like a movie star to a historian!!) We also watched an introduction by Jimmy Carter first.

Then I took the group upstairs for a tour of The Working White House. Because there were so many people, I did an introduction outside the gallery and pointed out some things in the exhibit that I wanted to make sure they saw. Then I stuck around for questions and comments.

It was a great night. One of those nights that makes you proud of what you do, and so very honored to be able to bring history to life for our community.

I love my job!

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