Thursday, July 17, 2008

Still working on the program...

"Funerals of the Rich & Famous" is taking me a bit longer than I expected!!

Everyone's stories are fascinating. Did you know Eva Peron's body was "missing" for 16 years after her husband's government was overthrown? Or that Elvis's last words were, "I'm going into the bathroom to read"?

Every story has been absolutely engaging, which has slowed down the research process considerably!

But that's a good thing for those who attend the next Tea with the Curator, because I am including all kinds of neat and interesting things that people are sure to find interesting.

I just love the Tea with the Curator series! We already have several people signed up, and we haven't even sent out a press release yet!

I'm also working on a couple of other projects at the moment:
  • Yesterday I went over to West Lawn to re-familiarize myself with Walking Tour #2, because it has been at least 2 years since I did that one. I hope the people who are signed up for tomorrow's walk are ready to WALK! It begins at the far end of the cemetery, so we have a lot of walking to do before we even start! Today I am printing out a few other photos related to the people we will be visiting. I think this tour doesn't have enough handouts. But it will by the end of this morning...
  • This afternoon I am going to Church of the Saviour for a luncheon to do my "Little Chicago" program. This will be the first time since Chris and I did our marathon stint at Hoover High School a few months ago! I love the 20s, so I am glad to be giving this program again. I greatly expanded it earlier this year for the Tea with the Curator series, adding a lot more local information about the era.
  • More paperwork!!!! We've gotten some large collections of vintage clothing over the past few weeks. One donation came from Board Member Jim Ewing's daughter. The other came from Board Member Ed Mowrer's mother (she also gave 42 women's hats!!). Both include some really neat pieces. We've also recently received donations of roller skates (the kind that clip onto your shoes) and a baton from the 1960s, and a portable record player with a little plastic caddy to tote your 45s around. All of the Deeds of Gift were sent out yesterday, so at this very moment in time I am caught up with my paperwork. Again. Until someone else walks in the door.
  • The marketing committee hasn't met in quite some time, so our meeting this week was extra long. We had to set dates for 2009 special events for the WHBC Source Book, which is due next week. I am currently waiting to hear back from the Masons about an exhibit we are hosting from them in January, and the Smithsonian about official dates for The Working White House. (Every time I host a SITES exhibit, I can't figure out if the dates on the contract are SHIPPING dates, or OPENING and CLOSING dates!)
That's about it for me right now. But that is plenty!

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