Monday, July 21, 2008

Program too LONG -- of course!

On Friday afternoon, I did my new Funerals of the Rich & Famous program for Chris. And guess what?


No wonder it has taken me so long to finish it!

Anyway, I plan to take out some biographical information for each person to trim it down a bit. So if you're planning to come, don't worry! I won't keep you here for hours on end! I'll get it whittled down...

I've always had this problem. When I was in college, I was the student who NEVER had to stretch my papers to make them long enough. I laughed at people who would change margins, fonts, spacing, etc. to make their papers longer! I was usually at the far end of the page range, trying to reign it back in!

I've always been a writer, and doing exhibits has made me more conscious of extra words in my writing. But writing books on the side has been nice too, since I can write as much as I want!

Chris has laughed every time I've written a book and worried about if it was going to be "long enough." All three times, it was plenty long enough!! (In fact, my editor cut some from Canton's Pioneers in Flight!)

I will work on trimming the program down this afternoon. Joyce, Hallie, Cindy, Stephanie and I are going to Glenmoor for lunch and to look at the centerpieces for the Inaugural Ball in March 2009. We are always planning here at the museum!!

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