Thursday, February 20, 2014

Designer Shoes

Over the past three years, Sheila Markley Black has donated a rather large collection of vintage and designer clothing, shoes, and hats for our textile collection.  In total, there are nearly 300 pieces!

Sheila is a true connoisseur.  Her amazing eye for vintage fashion has resulted in an absolutely fabulous collection.

So fabulous, in fact, we will be featuring it in an upcoming Keller Gallery exhibit scheduled to open in April 2015.

Before donating her collection, it was appraised by Wieschaus & Company, who have graciously supplied us with photos of the entire collection.  This saves us so much time in the cataloging process!  I am a department of one who relies on a dedicated staff of volunteers to help with cataloging new donations.  This collection is so large, it has been volunteer Kathy Fleeher's exclusive project for the past two years...and counting.

We are thrilled to be able to share these fashions with you in person in just over a year.  For now, here are some "digital highlights" from the designer shoes in the collection. 


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shikha chauhan said...

Wow! It’s so lovely collection and design very well, I really like it, it’s looking gorgeous, thanks for sharing such a great design of heels with us.

Designer Shoes