Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Black Wings Installation - Day 2

Things are coming right along!

We got a ton of work done today.  Steve and Freddie in our maintenance department built the rest of the metal support structures and we hung all of the fabric panels.  We moved the cases into place.

Then we started hanging the smaller panels that go in front of the fabric panels.  They are supported by two runs of wire with clips.  Every single wire has been tangled, which has slowed our progress down a bit.  But we did more than half of them this afternoon, so we're ahead of schedule!

In addition to finishing the installation, my to do list is rather short:
  • Fabricate a thank you sign for our sponsor - the Timken Company Charitable and Educational Fund
  • Create a sign advertising a book available in the Shoppe about the Tuskegee Airmen AND the fact that the second planetarium show offered on the weekends will be about African American astronomers and astrophyicists for the duration of the exhibition (2:00 on Saturdays and 3:00 on Sundays through April 27)
  • Change out the guest book sign from A Secret Gift to Black Wings  
This exhibit is absolutely fantastic.  It is pretty dense, so if you're coming to see it be prepared!  There is a lot to see and read and think about.

Remember, Black Wings: American Dreams of Flight opens THIS FRIDAY February 7 at 6:00 PM with a FREE reception. 

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