Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ad for a Dueber Grand bicycle

There is no date on the page itself, but an ad on the reverse side mentions the year 1898.

Our Archivist Mark Holland found this ad for the "Dueber Grand" bicycle we received as a donation a few weeks ago!  Click here for that blog post, which includes several photos of the bike.

The bicycle we have is the ladies version, which is shown on the bottom of the ad.  You can see a fancy chain guard that is no longer with our bike.  You can also see the back fender that came only on the ladies bike.  In the image, you can make out the strings that were strung through the holes on the top which helped to keep a woman's skirt from getting tangled up in the spokes.  Ours still has the fender, but only fragments of the strings are left at the hub of the wheel.

We are working on a plan to get this bike into The Stark County Story exhibit.  Hopefully over the winter we will be able to make that happen.  We had contemplated having it restored, but it's so rare, we think it might be better to leave it as is.

Note that the ad describes the bike as a "Riding Wheel."  

UPDATE:  Mark just found another ad for the bike!  Here is that one too:

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