Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Working on Depression glass...

Part of the collection set up in my workspace for processing

We recently received a large collection (123 pieces!) of Depression glass in many patterns and colors.  The donor was kind enough to identify every piece, and provide a value for it based on collectors' publications!  This is very rare, and VERY MUCH appreciated!

Usually I will have to research a piece myself in order to identify it.  So I am thrilled with how easy it has been for me to catalog this donation so far.

Even though it's "easy," it does take some time.  Each piece must be numbered, photographed, and put away, in addition to the data entry I have to do to catalog it.  It takes approximately 5 minutes per item to do all of the tasks required in the process.  Multiply that times 123, and you can see why it takes some time!  And this is just one of many donations that we've received lately, all of which need to be processed in the same manner.

We got this collection of Depression glass because the donor was at a program I did this spring on our glass and china collection, and I mentioned that we only had a handful of Depression glass.  She spent the summer organizing her collection to give to us!  And now we have a lot.  Perhaps I should think about another glass and china exhibit...

Ironically, another donor brought in some Depression glass last week.  It is only a few pieces, but it is interesting how we hadn't gotten any in the 11 years I've been Curator here, and two donations walk in the door so close together!

So what does a Curator do after her latest exhibit is opened?  She numbers glass!

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Anonymous said...

Kim, I would LOVE to see a glass and china exhibit! Darlene and I would be there! MaryLou