Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Soup at Six - McKinley's Presidency Through Film

Chris will be presenting his program "McKinley's Presidency Through Film" at our next Soup at Six on Thursday November 15.  At 6:00.  Hence the term Soup at SIX. :-)

This program uses rare film footage of important events in the life and presidency of William McKinley. Footage includes his 1900 inauguration, his 1901 visit to the Pan-American exposition in Buffalo, and the moments immediately following his assassination. 

The program is $15 and includes a signature soup, fresh baked bread, beverage and dessert. Reservations are required. Please call 330-455-7043.

Modern Presidents are on TV all the time.  There are literally thousands of hours of footage.  But capturing a President on film who served from 1896 to 1901?  Well, THAT is extraordinary! 

We're so lucky to have film clips, no matter how short, of our 25th President.  It helps us to fulfill our mission to honor his legacy, and to bring him "back to life" for the public.

Don't miss this event! 

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