Saturday, October 6, 2012

Downtown Canton Walking Tour

This morning Chris and I attended a wonderful walking tour of the architecture of downtown Canton given by M.J. Albacete, Director of the Canton Museum of Art.  The tour was sponsored by the Main Branch of the Stark County District Library.

What a wonderful tour!  Albacete is extremely knowledgable about both architectural styles and Canton history.  At one point, I turned to Chris and said, "There is no end to this man's knowledge!"

Here are some of the photos I took on the tour:

The Masonic Temple

The Palace

Lovely shot of downtown

The Renkert Building

The Courthouse

The Trumpeters of Justice

The Courthouse

The Courthouse

A Trumpeter of Justice

The Chase Building (Canton Club at the top)

The original library (C is for Carnegie!)

Gargoyle on the Church of the Saviour
The Palace
MJ Albacete

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