Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tea with the Curator - That's Entertainment!

I just got back from picking up 9 (yes, 9!) books to do research for my next Tea with the Curator on March 19.

I will be giving a tour of the new Keller exhibition "That's Entertainment" after the program, so I didn't want to duplicate local history in my presentation. Instead, I'm going to do a program on the history of popular amusements in America, to provide context for the local attractions featured in the exhibition.

The Stark County Library is FANTASTIC! I've used Search Ohio a lot in the past, which provides access to a network of public libraries throughout the state. But most of the books I wanted for this project were not available in the public library system. OhioLINK, which was recently added to the services offered at the Stark County Library, provides access to college and university libraries. I could not have gotten these wonderful resources without OhioLINK!

If you're interested in signing up for the Tea, please call 330-455-7043 for reservations. It's going to be a fun program and tour!

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