Friday, February 24, 2012

Audio scripts are done!

I just finished the last of the audio tour scripts! Woo hoo!! Phase I is done!

Phase II will be recording them. We would like to include appropriate sound effects and/or music underneath the vocals. So I will be brainstorming about what to look for in the next few days.

We are thinking of asking people in the community to come in and record some of them for us. We'll also be brainstorming about who to ask! Before we do that, we need to experiment in-house to determine the correct settings, etc.

Phase III (which can happen at the same time as Phase II) will be to purchase the remaining equipment (some we already have) and build the housing for the buttons themselves. I'm torn between wanting our visitors to NOTICE the buttons and not wanting the buttons to ruin the "feel" of stepping back in time in the Street. We'll have to come up with a design solution that addresses both concerns.

This project has been on my list for such a long time! I can hardly believe I have a draft done! I will be reading them aloud and timing them to make sure the text flows and they are each under 45 seconds.

I want people to actually listen to these audio programs and learn from it! Not get bored and walk away.

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