Friday, June 18, 2010

What people said about the quilt exhibit

I love to read visitor's comments in our Guest Book in the Keller Gallery!

Here are some of the comments people left:

"Enjoyed the quilt display. Such wonderful work done by our ancestors, so much patience and time."

"It's nice to see our past being taken care of so gracefully! Great job!"

"One word...beautiful! My grandma and I had a wonderful time!"

"Enjoyed every quilt. I think the Dresden Plate was my favorite. Thanks for sharing."

"I love quilting so these quilts fascinated me!" (age 16)

"[in a child's handwriting - and spelling!] The stichwork and quilting were veary alabarat. Thanks."

"History. The greatest tale of all."

"Very nice textile/quilt exhibit. It's good to know the museum staff is doing so much to preserve our past."

"[in a child's handwriting] I really liked the William McKinley quilt that tells about his life. The person who made it must of been very artistic and a good sewer!"

"These quilts are cool!" [and this child drew a quilt patch!]

"Very impressive! Amazing quality! Appreciate the historical exhibit. Thank you!"

"[in "tween" handwriting] I thought it was really cool and learned a lot from it."

"We are quilters from NC. We loved seeing our quilt hertiage. Wonderful exhibit!"

The quilts in here are amazing. I have a quilt at hoem that was made by my great great grandma and my great grandma."

"The coverlet collection is most amazing for its condition. A beautifully displayed quilt exhibit. Makes me very proud and happy to also continue the tradition of more modern, creative quilting techniques."


Karen Alexander said...

Hi Kim, Don't know quite how I stumbled across your blog but I was intrigued. I would loved to have seen the Coverlet Exhibit! I grew up in Summit County but have not lived in Ohio since college days. My avocation is quilt history and women's and community history as revealed thru quilts. I live on an island off the West Coast now. Really miss the East Coast and all the access I had to old quilts but the Internet keeps the passion alive. It is so beautiful here. I love writing my three quilt hstiory blogs. and I am now recording local history as well as more general quilt histoy. Stop by and take a peek at

Kim Kenney said...

Thank you for writing! The coverlets were beautiful. I posted a few photos on this entry: If you are on Facebook, become a fan of the museum!! I posted a whole album there!