Friday, June 11, 2010

Exhibit installation

It is hard to believe that when I came to work on Tuesday morning there were still quilts in the Keller Gallery!

When I left today, all of the BRAND NEW cases were filled with gorgeous Victorian era artifacts!

We are making significant progress on the installation. The new cases look amazing, and I love the bright blue color I chose for the walls.

We have a pretty short list of tasks to complete before next Friday night's opening:
  • Hang panels
  • Hang children's clothing
  • Fabricate freestanding labels
  • Adjust lighting for walls (case lighting is DONE!)

And that's about it.

I am thrilled with our progress! Special thanks to Freddy and Steve for all of their hard work helping me in the gallery this week.

This is the part of my job that I love the MOST. :-)

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