Thursday, June 24, 2010

Catching up

I am always a little let down after an exhibition opens. I spend months working on it and make so many lists! And when everything is finally checked off, I find it hard to believe it is actually finished.

So now I have lots of collections work to do. I haven't had a chance to complete the donation paper work for things that have come in over the past several weeks. I like to do them in batches anyway.

But paperwork isn't my favorite thing to do! I LOVE the artifacts, believe me. But there is a lot of work behind processing each one.

I also have posters and signs to make for the car show this weekend. I am caught up on my weekly Repository ads through the end of July. I'm also working on the treasure map for our September 24 event "Treasures of Stark County -- A Behind-the-Scenes Adventure!" Look for more details throughout the summer.

So even though an exhibit is done, there isn't any time to rest! Still lots to get done.

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