Thursday, May 13, 2010

Top ten artifacts / historic sites / pieces of art?

I am working on some articles for my Museums site at BellaOnline and I'd like to pick your brain!

What would you say are the top ten artifacts you MUST see before you die (ie: the car JFK was assassinated in, the Wright Flyer, etc)?

What about the top ten historic sites? (ie: Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, etc)

I'm not well-versed in art, but what do you think the top ten pieces of artwork are?

You don't have to give me ten. Just post your ideas!



Bob Beatty said...

Kim, you've stumped me on the artifacts. I'm thinking through that now though. But here are some must-see places in my book (and include museums btw)

Grand Canyon
Fort McHenry (though it's changed so much, it is where the Nat'l Anthem came from)
Lincoln Cottage in DC (you can literally FEEL Lincoln's presence)
Bryce Canyon
Drayton Hall
Strong National Museum of Play
Lower East Side Tenement Museum (and any downtown sites in NYC)
Gettysburg (my preference is for Little Round Top but Cemetery Ridge is the most well-known)
Denali National Park
16th Street Baptist Church (Birmingham, AL)
Rose Hill Cemetery, Macon, GA

You've stumped me with the artifact question but two immediately come to mind
1) Star Spangled Banner (Smithsonian)
2) Lincoln's Hat (Lincoln Library and Museum)

I'll think of some more I'm sure but that's a start.

Bob Beatty

Kim Kenney said...

Wow Bob! Thanks for this list! I know the question is daunting, but I love that I've gotten people to think about what stands out to them.

It will be tough to write these articles with so much to choose from! I think I might have to make a series of articles with sub-categories. We'll see how it goes and I narrow things down.

Thanks again for your excellent suggestions!!