Monday, May 24, 2010

Panels complete!

I spent the ENTIRE DAY printing the panels for The Victorian Age.

Well, actually the 11 panels printed relatively quickly. The first one and the third one had some odd stripes on them so I had to reprint. No big deal.

Then I moved on to making the large scale photos from this era. Should have been pretty simple, yes?


For some reason -- probably because my file was WAY to big -- I could NOT print two drawings of Public Square in Canton in 1887. My plotter would print the caption, but not the image. I tried a bunch of different things, each one making me more frustrated when it didn't work.

I finally checked the file size and realized it was just too huge to work on my machine!

I had smaller versions I had made to post on the Museum's Facebook page, so I used those.

And it WORKED!

So I now have 11 panels and 10 large photos all printed and ready to be mounted on foam core!

Talk about a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG Monday! Whew!

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