Monday, May 17, 2010

Making ads and exhibit panels

On this rainy Monday, I'm going to be chained to my computer for a little while doing graphic design projects!

First, I have to design a few newspaper ads. We were given an in-kind donation and we have quite a bit of money left that has to be spent before the end of the year. Which means we have to start cranking out some ads!

Second, I have one more panel to finish for The Victorian Age exhibition opening next month in the Keller Gallery. It is on Architecture. It has taken me three weeks (including the week I was out of town at a conference, so it isn't as bad as it seems!) to remember to bring my archicture textbooks from grad school into work so I can finish researching styles of the era.

I've already dressed six mannequins in AMAZING gowns.

This is one of more than a dozen Victorian gowns that will be featured in the new exhibit!

If time allows, I am going to continue pulling Victorian-era artifacts today. I hope to complete artifact selection by the end of this week. I have already pulled some really cool things!!

  • a corset in its ORIGINAL BOX!

  • a fan made of peacock feathers

  • a wire bustle

  • a gorgeous black and white silk and gauze parasol!

I started with my "accessories" list first. Other artifact categories include children's fashion, toys & games, household items, furniture, mourning artifacts, glass & china, and Ida McKinley artifacts.

I'm excited about putting this exhibition together!

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