Monday, February 8, 2010


I just booked Peanuts...Naturally, an exciting new traveling exhibition from the Charles M. Shultz Museum for May - August 2014!

Click here to learn more about the exhibit (you will have to click on "Exhibitions" and then "Traveling Exhibibition Rentals"). We will be hosting the smaller version, because the larger version is too big for the Keller Gallery.

The exhibit uses Peanuts comics to explore environmental themes, including The Universe, The Elements, Trees Glorious Trees, Charlie Brown and the EPA, and How Does Your Garden Grow?

There will be lots of opportunities for science camps, workshops and classes that summer! And I think our summer tourists and visitors will really enjoy it.

So add that to the Keller Gallery plans!

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cindy said...

Hi Kim,
I just read the details about the exhibit. It will be interesting to see who books it. I saw our name on the list. What a great way to get more exposure!Good job!