Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beautiful quilt poem

I just found this lovely poem while researching some of the quilt patterns. I am planning to blow it up and give it its own panel in the quilt exhibit!

Just wanted to share it!

In a Museum
By Carrie A. Hall

Rare old quilt, of faded hue—
Once a bride’s most precious treasure
Hidden in her dower-chest.
Loving hands that fashioned you
Stitch by stitch, in careful measure
Long ago, are now at rest.

Your patches tell a wondrous story
Of treasured scraps and handicraft;
Of love and home, and dreams come true.
For honored guests your pattern’d glory,
Enfolding them, caressing, soft—
And baby hands have lightly touched you.

Now you’re worth your weight in gold;
To lie in state your only duty,
In pleasant ways your lot is cast
And to the world your tale is told.
To those who love your patterned beauty
You re-create the fragrant past.

Published in The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt by Carrie A. Hall and Rose Kretsinger, 1935

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