Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So many things going on at the same time!

The Masons came this morning and cleared out the Keller. So painting will begin this afternoon! The Working White House arrives Thursday.

I have recorded all the numbers of the remaining items in the Historical Hall. Some are being used in the new exhibit and will be displayed this summer in the Industrial Hall. Some will be going to our off-site storage facility, and some will be moving into an on-site storage area.

When the dresses come back from the art museum, I am going to make a quick display out of them in the rest of the Industrial Hall. Since we have no room to store the Working White House crates AND all our unused cases in the Keller, I will also be adding some cases in the Industrial Hall for the summer. Some will house hats from the 50s, 60s, and 70s to go with the dresses. The rest will have some of the artifacts that will be going into the new exhibit.

Between now and the end of July, Steve will be working in the Historical Hall on lighting, the ceiling, and the floor, as well as cutting a new door between the galleries and tearing out the old room settings.

Yesterday Steve and I talked about what to do with the cases in the Industrial Hall when Split Rock comes to install the new exhibit. The installation will overlap with the final two weeks of The Working White House.

So, we will move the cases downstairs into the Auditorium for the last half of August. After The Working White House closes, we will create a false wall along one wall of the Keller Gallery and hide all the cases behind it. The Keller will be empty for the month of September as we prepare for the grand opening of The Stark County Story at the White Glove Affair on September 25. During September, Steve will have the opportunity to clean and wax the Keller floor.

AFTER The Stark County Story opens, people will be bringing in their dollhouses for the next Keller Gallery exhibit Life in Miniature, which opens October 16.

So as you can see, this is a well-orchestrated plan that will be evolving as we get into this process!

My immediate concern is PAINTING, which I shall begin after lunch!


cindy said...

Wow! I know you are great at your job, but this is exceptional! I can hardly wait to run upstairs and see the whole process take place. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing, organized and we are glad you are here.

Kim Kenney said...

Thank you both for your comments! As of right this minute, everything is going according to plan... :-)