Thursday, June 18, 2009

All set!

The Working White House is ready to open tomorrow!

It has been one tough week of hard work, that's for sure. I finished up the quasi-exhibits in the former Industrial Hall this morning. I think we made it look nice, for the hodge podge of artifacts that it is!

Here's what it looks like now:

There are now mid-20th century hats, plus the furniture that is going into the new exhibit. I will be putting a few artifacts in one more case, as soon as Steve has everything cleared out from the new door. Those will be things that are going in the new exhibit too. The mannequins that are now at the art museum will be coming back next week and will go in the Industrial Hall too.

So very little will be closed this summer for visitors. Only the Historical Hall, and only when Steve is working in there.

I'm looking forward to the opening tomorrow night!!!

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