Thursday, June 4, 2009

End of School Tours.........and the Historical Hall!

Today marked the end of our busy season! :-)

Special thanks to all the volunteers who made this season possible! It was as busy as ever, and I was more involved than usual, so I got to see a lot more of the process this year. Everyone did a great job! I think we had the best kids and teachers this year. It made things run very smoothly.

And for the school year, Chris's numbers are UP! We can all be proud of that. We have a great museum, and schools and teachers recognize that. The economy is not that great right now, so retaining schools is extremely important. When schools get funding back, they always come back to the museum for a field trip, which is just fabulous.

As you know, I have spent the month of June slowly removing small artifacts from the Historical Hall. I did not remove things that I knew the docents talked about on their tour, such as the candle mold or the hair receiver and hair wreath.

At 1:00 today, as soon as the last tour was over, I was upstairs with three carts to remove the rest!

All that is left now are large and medium artifacts. We will be removing those in a few days to make room for all the work Steve needs to do, including removing the drop ceiling, painting, installing lighting, etc.

All week people have been working on the floor in the Industrial Hall. There were various carpets glued down in different spots, so we needed to have the entire floor ground down. When that process is finished, we will be setting up mini "exhibits" with some of the furniture from the Historical Hall. And the "construction site" will shift to the Historical Hall.

Throughout this process, as I've said before, all of our visitors will be able to see all of the galleries that are not being worked on. The path might change, depending on what is being done. We will try to keep everyone informed.

Stay tuned!!

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