Monday, September 22, 2008

Soup at Six - Presidential Funerals

I know I am a bit late posting this, because the Soup was last Thursday, but lo and behold on Friday our internet was down yet again. I took the camera card home for the weekend and completely forgot about it until this morning.

So here are some photos and film clips of the wonderful, SOLD OUT, Soup at Six: "Presidential Funerals." Very emotional. I choked up a few times, although I did not film any of those parts of the program. (Just so you don't think I got emotional from the clips you're about to see! I'm not THAT fragile!!)

Volunteers clearing the tables for a full house!

Chris beginning his lecture.


Chris's opening remarks regarding State Funerals.

George Washington.

John Adams.

Abraham Lincoln.

James Garfield. (Chris is talking about his assassin, Charles Guiteau here -- I didn't start the filming soon enough to catch his name!)

Ulysses Grant.

There are still a few more spots left for my Soup at Six: "An Armchair Walking Tour of West Lawn Cemetery" on October 2. Call the museum for reservations!

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