Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Exciting new McKinley donation

We are thrilled to add this wonderful international poster to our collection!

You might recognize it from this summer's Keller Gallery exhibit "Celebrating 100 Years! Building the McKinley National Memorial." Sisters Shirley Smith and Judith Hartz loaned the poster for the exhibit, and they have decided to donate it to us!

They have also donated what we believe is architect Harold Van Buren Magonigle's first design submission to the McKinley National Memorial Association. For unknown reasons, Magonigle's first attempt was rejected, but he was given the opportunity to re-submit a new design. It was that second design that was chosen and stands here today 100 years later.

The drawing was too fragile to include in the exhibit. It is paper mounted on linen, and where it has been folded over the years, the paper is shearing right off. We hope to be able to conserve it in the future.

We knew that the fundraising for the McKinley National Memorial was an international effort, but this is our first piece of evidence that supports that claim. The poster is written entirely in French and describes a performance that will benefit the construction fund. It is an amazing piece of history, and we are so excited that Shirley and Judith have chosen to give it to us!

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