Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Keller Gallery over the years

Like most curators, I photograph the fruits of my labor when an exhibition is finally finished.  I like to take a shot from the large door into the Keller Gallery, which shows how different one exhibition looks from another.  Even though the lighting is a challenge in that spot, I do it anyway.

Here are a few shots from exhibitions I've done over the years.  I don't have all of the photos on my computer.  When I first started working here, I burned lots of CDs to free up space on my hard drive.  USB drives hadn't been invented yet.  For a brief time I created Zip disks because THAT was going to be The Future....but I digress.

Anyway, some of these are awfully blurry -- either from our old camera or my false idea that I could hold the camera steady enough without a tripod.  But you get the idea.

You can also see the evolution in design as I've gotten new equipment.  We've upgraded the lighting, built new walls, and now print panels on a plotter -- in full color!  I could not have dreamed of such a thing when I came here in October 2001.

It's amazing how many different ways you can make one space look! 

(By the way, the white walls on the exterior of the gallery entrance are from when that space was the Historical Hall.  We painted it and installed The Stark County Story in 2009.)

And now, in no particular order, here are some Keller Gallery Door Shots:

Broken Down Heroes

Footloose and Fancy Free:  Canton in the Roaring Twenties

A Doll's World

Aspectations by Su Nimon

Life in Miniature

A Secret Gift

A Stitch in Time

The Victorian Age

Mentioning the Unmentionables

Celebrate the Sixties!

Letters Home

Hearth & Home
The Sheila Markley Black Collection

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su nimon said...

I love seeing how much different the space looks with the varied presentations. I'm still honored to have had my work in the Keller Gallery. I'm sure we'll get to see many more of these shots as time goes on. Thanks.