Monday, April 27, 2015

Congratulations Mark and Alyson!

Our Archivist Mark Holland got married on Saturday! 

We couldn't be happier for him.  He and Alyson have waited a long time for this -- it is a first marriage for both of them.

The service was just beautiful.  Both sets of parents have passed away, and I was very much struck by how the priest referenced them during the ceremony.  Both couples loved to dance, so in the very beginning of the service, he said that they were dancing up in heaven.

Chris and Mark have been friends for a long time, and Chris was extremely honored when Mark asked him to be a groomsmen.  This is the first time Chris has been in a wedding that he did NOT have to play the piano for! 

Mark's Best Man was his niece Jennifer, with whom he is very close.  She wore a black dress to "blend in" with the tuxes on the groom's side, but wore a watermelon pink sash, the same color as the bridesmaids.  It was perfect.

Of COURSE they had pictures taken at the Monument between the wedding and the reception!  Since Chris wrote the book about the Monument, it was surreal for him to be standing on the steps having his picture taken.

Life works in mysterious ways.  So many things had to line up just perfectly for these two to meet.  Stephanie, our volunteer coordinator, actually introduced them.  She worked with Alyson at the Massillon Public Library.  God got a lot of credit during the ceremony, but Jennifer gave a "shout out" to Stephanie during her Best Man's speech at the reception.  I told Steph that she was like an archangel. :-)

Everyone at the Museum is just thrilled for them.  Alyson has become a volunteer here, so she's at most of our special events.  We wish them a lifetime of health and happiness! 

(And we hope Alyson will wear her dress in the Bridal Show next year!)

Here are a few photos:

Chris before the wedding
Me before the wedding
Alyson's oldest brother gave her away
The happy couple just after the ceremony!
Mark is a Civil War re-enactor, so they were able to get this cool sword exit from the church!
The back of Alyson's dress
Pictures afterwards
The whole bridal party

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