Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The gallery is sparkling!

Our maintenance staff just finished hanging the silver sparkly curtain I purchased for "The Sheila Markley Black" exhibition!  It is 10 feet tall and 30 feet wide.

Our interior movable walls are always painted black, which clearly would not work to display Little Black Dresses.  This curtain was a perfect solution for a backdrop!

Stay tuned for more photos as exhibit installation progresses...

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Esther said...

Hello, I love the 10 by 30' curtain. Where did you purchase it?

Kim Kenney said...

Thank you! I bought it on Amazon. There are two curtains in the gallery -- each was 10 x 20. In order to have them not be flat against the wall, I planned for 40 feet which we shirred to 30 feet. It has a layer of sequins and a layer of tulle net over that to soften it a bit. But you can hang it with the tulle flipped to the back to make it more shiny. For a wedding or something short term, you can also put white Christmas lights behind it. We didn't want to do that since they would be on daily for weeks on end. I hope you're local so you can come in and see it in person!